Denis Putt

Denis Putt

Health & Safety Adviser

Denis is a Health and Safety Advisor with 26 years of experience in a wide range of industries, mostly within Taranaki.  These industries include electricity generation, aluminium extrusion, gas transmission, wood manufacturing, agrichemicals manufacturing and the oil and gas industry.

In many of these industries Denis has worked with contractors in the area of pre-qualification, so has had good exposure to the challenges small business’ face. He has also been a WSMP auditor, in this role he audited businesses from day-cares, to retirement homes. Denis enjoys assisting small businesses develop their health and safety programmes.

Denis holds Certificates in Occupational Safety & Health Management, in Quality Systems & Auditing Principles and in Managing Quality in the Workplace. As well as helping businesses with their health and safety programmes, Denis undertakes noise surveys, asbestos and particulate monitoring, and is our resident expert on our quantitative fit testing Portacount machine.


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