Sarah Voullaire

Sarah Voullaire

Operations Manager, Senior Occupational Health Nurse

Sarah re-joins our team after working 6 months as an Occupational Health Advisor with a large oil and gas provider.

Sarah has been working in occupational health for over 10 years with small and large businesses across Taranaki and she loves her job and the team that she works with.

Sarah acknowledges that the health and safety workplace risks, organisational structure and the individual health of workers is unique within each business. She believes that working together with people and businesses enhances a positive health and safety culture and promotes a practical approach to health and safety in the workplace.

Being an Occupational Health Nurse gives her the opportunity to learn, support, educate and protect the health of people within their workplace. Understanding the significance of the connection between worker health and healthy work is fundamental to my role as an Occupational Health Nurse.

As the current Taranaki NZOHNA President (New Zealand Occupational Health Nurses Association), Sarah regularly meets with a skilled Occupational Health Nurses and collectively we continue to learn about best practice within the Health and Safety industry.

Sarah is currently working towards a post graduate Diploma in Health Science endorsed in occupational Health, which Sarah is humbled to say is being funded by HASANZ inaugural scholarship. Sarah is also a currently listed as a certified health and safety professional as a proficient Occupational Health Nurse on the HASANZ register.

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