Sarah Voullaire

Sarah Voullaire

Occupational Health Nurse

Primary health is my passion and working in occupational health allows me to capture a moment with people to help them explore their idea and status of health in a setting they are comfortable in.  I thrive on being in a role that allows me to connect with people within the workplace which can help to protect their health and empower people to make good lifestyle choices.

As a Registered Nurse, I have practiced as an Occupational Health Nurse for 7 years in multiple fields including engineering, construction, sawmills and rendering plants.  As an active member of the NZOHNA I am constantly learning and working to develop my knowledge and skills to ensure best practice.

Some of my strengths include health education, co-ordinating rehabilitation plans, general health screening, drug testing, management of chronic and long term diseases in the workplace and peer support /Leadership for our Nursing team.

My qualifications include; Bachelor of Nursing Degree, Certificate in Health Science and Technology, Certificate as an Independent Vaccinator, Health and Safety Representative training, Audiometry and Spirometry training and I am currently working on a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

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